Titan FC 31 Corner Man of Yoshiyuki Yoshida reveals the whole story



Titan FC 31 Corner Man of Yoshiyuki Yoshida reveals the whole story

Titan FC says Yoshida agreed to the bout.

Yoshida side of the story is different.

Nagakura has revealed the situation in the blog.

Nagakura is the Corner Man of Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

Nagakura is a professional MMA fighter.

Weighing of the day, Rich was two pounds over.

It seemed to still be able to lose weight.

Photos of weighing has been posted in the blog.

Nagakura, the morning of game day, was called by e-mail to Yoshida of the room.

When Nagakura came into the room, organizer of Titan FC, trainer of the opponent, had been sitting so as to surround the Yoshida.

They were bubbling over.

“Rich is the first weight loss failure. It does not mean that there was malicious.”
“2 pounds over much usually game to.”
“If you do not do this game is to become severely activities in the United States in the future.”
“Rich was hard.”
“Is not it good even if the game is because much the same weight now.”

“This is threatened rather than negotiations.”

Nagakura wrote in the blog.

Ordinary Japanese when it was bubbling over in a foreign country, become compliant drink the story of the opponent.

It in Japan called “Nakineiri”.

Yoshida did not “Nakineiri”.

Organizers said.

“Only opponent was two pounds over, such as the guy who refuse the battle has not yet been bought.”

Yoshida refused to fight.

“I, be the first man who refused to fight in two pounds over.”

Strong and it was wise decision.

Then, Yoshida was released the Titan FC.

In Japan, has spread a voice to support the Yoshida.