WSOF 14 ハイライト動画 ジェイク・シールズ、WSOFデビュー戦


現地時間10月11日に開催された「WSOF 14 “Canada v. USA”」の大会ハイライト動画。


WSOF 14: Jake Shields wins in his WSOF debut
n his WSOF debut, Jake Shields rebounded from a big shot to the face early on and forced Ryan Ford to submit to a rear-naked choke in the first round.

WSOF 14: Smealinho Rama wins inaugural heavyweight title
Smealinho Rama knocks out Derrick Mehmen in the first minute of the first round to become the first ever WSOF heavyweight champion.

WSOF 14: Chris Horodecki defeats Luis Huete by decision
In a featherweight bout, Chris Horodecki was able to defeat Luis Huete by unanimous decision thanks to the amount of punches he landed.

WSOF 14: Jared Hamman defeats Luke Harris in first round
It didn’t take long for Jaren Hamman to get the upper hand on Luke Harris as he put Harris away with a flurry of punches in the first round.